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“Jeremy Jaech, Shwetak Patel form UW home sensor spin out WatchFrog”

GeekWire describes new UW CSE startup WatchFrog:

“WatchFrog, which is in the process of raising cash, is building off of Patel’s research as well as the research of Duke University assistant professor Matt Reynolds and UW PhD student Gabe Cohn. The first engineers will start at the company October 1.

“Jaech tells GeekWire that WatchFrog’s ultra-low-power sensing technologies, currently in the prototype phase, could be used to monitor conditions around the home; and detect home hazards such as radon or carbon monoxide. The sensors are designed to last up to 50 years, far longer than other technologies.

“Jaech, who was just named to the Board of Regents at the UW, has been hanging around the computer science department at his alma mater for about a year.”

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