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CSE alum Greg Linden in GeekWire

GeekWire describes UW CSE alum Greg Linden’s Code Monster programming site for kids:

“Greg Linden is a veteran software engineer and startup entrepreneur in Seattle who developed’s recommendation engine, started the personalized news website and worked for Microsoft’s Live Labs, among other tech ventures and companies.

“He’s also a parent who wants to make sure his kids learn a little about computer programming languages.

“But when he initially looked around for something helpful online, all he could find ‘was either tutorials designed for adults that overwhelm younger learners with their boring syntax and complexity, or games that didn’t teach an actual, valuable programming language.’

“So he came up with a solution: Code Monster from Crunchzilla. It’s a free site, designed for kids ages 9-14, that blends elements of a game and tutorial to teach basic Javascript skills.”

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