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The 2012 election and the innovation economy

Companion GeekWire essays by UW CSE’s Ed Lazowska and Madrona Venture Group’s Matt McIlwain explore the choice faced in the 2012 Presidential election by voters from the innovation sector.

“I have three principles that I hope you share. First, I try to be fact-based. Second, I try to be consistent – to display intellectual integrity. Third, I recognize that my success is due not only to my own efforts, but also to various advantages of circumstance with which I was blessed.  These principles make America’s 2012 choice clear

“Even ignoring issues of fairness, the idea that growth is stimulated by lowering taxes on the affluent and on corporations has no basis in reality … The ‘small businesses’ affected by increased high-end tax rates aren’t startups or neighborhood drycleaners – they’re S-Corps and LLCs that can well afford it! …

“If trickle-down economics worked, we’d be drowning in jobs and prosperity, given how rich the rich have become and how profitable corporations are. The rich getting richer doesn’t animate growth – a rising median wage and economic inclusion do! …

“If you care about technology and you care about growth, the choice is clear …”

Read Lazowska’s essay here.  (Read McIlwain’s … if you must … here.)