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“Best Paper” for CSE’s Shulin Yang

UW CSE Ph.D. student Shulin (Lynn) Yang has won a “best paper” award for her paper “Skull Retrieval for Craniosynostosis Using Sparse Logistic Regression Models” (Shulin Yang, Linda Shapiro, Michael Cunningham, Matthew Speltz, Craig Birgfeld, Indriyati Atmosukarto, and Su-In Lee)  at the MICCAI Workshop on Medical Content-Based Retrieval for Clinical Decision Support.

Lynn is advised by Linda Shapiro and Su-In Lee.  The paper was presented (in Nice, France!) by co-author (and CSE/Shapiro Ph.D. alum) Indri Atmosukarto, who is now a research scientist at ADSC in Singapore.  The other authors are doctors at Seattle Childrens.

Congratulations one and all!