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Bursting at the seams at the UW CSE resume workshop

A resume workshop for CSE majors is one of the events that precedes the annual UW CSE Industry Affiliates meeting, which includes a recruiting day for startups on October 23, a research interaction day on October 24, and a recruiting day for established companies on October 25.

Tuesday’s resume workshop was bursting at the seams.  More than 150 CSE students were coached by 16 volunteers from the local tech industry, who conducted 280 total resume reviews.  Many thanks to:

  • Pariveda: Scott Myhre and Kevin Greenan
  • Microsoft: Becky Tucker, Raquel Garcia, and Valerie Bays
  • Whitepages:  Jenny Kohr Chynoweth
  • EMC|Isilon: Alex Brynza
  • Opscode: Christopher Brown
  • Tableau: Dave Aydelott
  • Google: Eric Orth, Fred Gylys-Colwell, Gene Morgan, and Sonny Skinner
  • Mike Materasso, Lindsay Grant, and Katie Foley