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“Award-Winning Living Voters Guide 2012 Launched in Washington & California”

UW News, Seattle’s CityClub, the Sacramento Bee, and the Seattle Times report on the 2012 edition of UW CSE’s Living Voters Guide:

“Living Voters Guide invites participants to discuss ballot measures together, to explore one another’s positions, and to build a personal, customized platform that will inform their final vote. This voters’ guide is co-created by everyone who participates. It evolves as you and neighbors across our state consider the tradeoffs for each measure. It requires participants to pledge that they will not make personal attacks on others but focus on the issues before us. It invites everyone to wrestle with both the pros and cons of ballot measures in a deliberative path toward decision making.”

“‘We wanted to create a way to use the Internet to listen to other people in a constructive way,’ said Travis Kriplean, a postdoctoral researcher in computer science and engineering who implemented the guide as part of his UW doctoral thesis.

“Users’ feedback in previous years has been positive, Kriplean reported. ‘People have said: ‘We can listen to what the other side is saying and find some common ground. I didn’t know that could happen.'”

UW News hereSacramento Bee hereSeattle Times here.  Living Voters Guide here.