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UW CSE runoff for ACM International Collegiate Programming Competition

Last Saturday, 36 3-person teams competed in UW’s local runoff for the ACM International Collegiate Programming Competition to determine the 5 teams that will represent UW in the regional ICPC runoff on November 3.  The international ICPC finals will be held in St. Peterburg Russia from June 30 – July 4.  Unlike the World Series, the ICPC truly is an international competition – it’s been 15 years since a US team won!

Faculty members Stuart Reges and Marty Stepp organized the competition, along with student helpers Victoria Wagner, Janette Sui, Caitlin Harding, and Valerie Liang and Google staffers (and CSE alums) Queena Chen and Ethan Apter.  Google was our official sponsor and provided food, prizes, and swag.

Below is a list of the top six teams:

#1 TAUNT (TAUNT’s An UnNamed Team): Sam Hopkins, Steve Rutherford, Kevin Clark
#2 UW Psychokinesis: Vaspol Ruamviboonsuk, Siwakon Srisakaokul, Lee Lee Choo
#3 O(0): Melanie Jensenworth, Raymond Zhang, Noah Siegel
#4 Stone Code Killas: Galen Knapp, Cody Thomas, Tobias Kahan
#5 6189456: Benjamin Sidhom, Chris Clark, Michael Fain
#6 Honey Badgers: Tyler Rigsby, Melissa Winstanley, Jenny Abrahamson

The #1 team can’t make it to the November 3 regional contest, but the other five will all be representing us.

You can find more detailed results along with information about the problems at this url:

Congratulations to all the participants, thanks to Google, and good luck to the five UW CSE teams in the regional contest!