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UW CSE’s Anna Karlin named ACM Fellow

Anna Karlin, Microsoft Professor of Computer Science & Engineering, has been named a Fellow of the ACM “for contributions to algorithms and to the boundary with systems, networking, data mining, and microeconomics.”

Anna is known for contributions in the area of algorithms, especially online and randomized algorithms, and for high-impact work at the boundary between algorithms and other areas of computer science.  She combines mathematical prowess with a long-standing interest and experience in building and analyzing advanced computer systems.  Areas of focus have included competitive analysis of online algorithms; probabilistic algorithms and probabilistic analysis of algorithms; topics at the intersection of theory with systems, networking, and data mining; and, most recently, problems at the intersection of game theory, economics, and algorithms.

Anna is the twelfth Fellow of the ACM among active UW CSE faculty members.

Congratulations Anna!