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UW CSE @ Coursera … one month and counting …

csenewsLast summer, the University of Washington partnered with Coursera to make variants of some courses available for free.  (In case you’ve been sleeping for the past year, these “MOOCs” have been widely discussed inside and outside of academia.)

CSE is excited about this opportunity and to date is responsible for about half of UW’s announced course offerings.  The first two will begin in one month — on January 14, 2013.  They are a programming-languages course similar to CSE341 taught by Dan Grossman, and a computer networks course similar to CSE461 taught by Arvind Krishnamurthy, David Wetherall, and John Zahorjan.  There’s still plenty of time to have your friends and neighbors sign up at

We have three more courses planned for April 2013 and more for the next academic year.

Getting ready to teach online courses to tens of thousands of students is an ongoing adventure that began months ago.  Particular thanks is due to staff members Fred Videon and Rodney Prieto for the audio-video functionality, and to students Max Forbes, Claire McQuin, Eric Mullen, Cody Schroeder, and Rachel Sobel for all sorts of course materials and grading infrastructure.