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Continued record enrollment in introductory Computer Science courses

Students are busting down the doors at all of the nation’s top computer science programs.

At UW, Winter Quarter enrollment in CSE 142 (“CS-1,” the first introductory course) is 810; the previous all-time high was 659.  And 1/3 of the students are women, also an all-time high.  Enrollment in CSE 143 (“CS-2,” the second introductory course) is 530, also an all-time high.

Enrollment varies from quarter to quarter.  One way to understand the long-term picture is to graph a 1-year rolling total.  CSE 142 enrolled 2,070 students in the past year; CSE 143 enrolled 1,340; for a total of 3,410 students in these two courses during the past year.