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NY Times on WibiData: “Start-Up Uses Portal Game as Recruiting Tool”

wibiWibiData – a Bay Area “big data” startup launched by Christophe Bisciglia and multiple other UW CSE alums – is featured in the NY Times for its unique recruiting approach:

“If you want to signal to software engineers that your tech start-up is a cool place to work, you can let them bring their dogs to the office, offer free energy drinks or put up a billboard with a Web address that can only be accessed after solving a math equation.

WibiData, a 22-person San Francisco start-up that develops big data applications, has come up with its own gimmick for telegraphing its engineering street cred to job applicants: a custom version of c, a devilishly addictive cult video game from Valve.”

Read the NY Times article here!  Play the game here!