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Vamsi Talla wins WiSNet 2013 Best Student Paper Award

sslVamsi Talla – an EE graduate student advised by CSE and EE faculty member Josh Smith – won the Best Student Paper award at WiSNet 2013, the IEEE Topical Meeting on Wireless Sensors and Sensor Networks.  In addition to Vamsi and Smith, the co-authors are Michael Buettner (2012 CSE Ph.D., now at Google Seattle) and CSE professor David Wetherall.  The work was funded by the Intel Science and Technology Center for Pervasive Computing, and by the NSF.

The paper, entitled “Hybrid Analog-Digital Backscatter Platform for High Data Rate, Battery-Free Sensing,” shows that by combining digital and analog techniques, it is possible to combine desirable features of digital (such as addressability) and analog (high data rate sensing at very low power).  The paper presents battery-free, uniquely identified microphones that can be read at about 4m.  The microphones are powered, controlled, and read by specially designed Software Defined RFID readers.

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