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GeekWire: “New computing institute on UW campus will focus on big data problems”

UniversityofWashingtonGeekWire reports on the newly-established Northwest Institute for Advanced Computing (NIAC), a joint venture of the University of Washington and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory:

“The University of Washington is already a budding hub for computer science. Now, with some help from a national laboratory, the Seattle campus will become even more of a CS powerhouse.

“The UW and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have formed the Northwest Institute for Advanced Computing. Researchers there will jointly focus on developing solutions related to big data for challenges from climate change to energy management.

“‘The expanded partnership between UW and PNNL will create tremendous new opportunities for both organizations,’ Ed Lazowska, UW’s Bill & Melinda Gates Chair in Computer Science & Engineering, said in a press release. ”Big data’ is transforming the process of discovery in all fields. UW and PNNL have significant and complementary strengths; together we’ll be able to do amazing things.'”

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