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Honoring David Notkin

dn.for.fellowshipOn February 1 2013, more than 300 members of the UW CSE “extended family” joined in recognizing the contributions of David Notkin at Notkinfest.

A world leader in software engineering, David served as CSE chair from 2001-06, and has been honored with the Boeing Professorship, the Frank and Wilma Bradley Endowed Professorship, and the Frank and Wilma Bradley Endowed Chair.

An extraordinary mentor, David received the University of Washington Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award in 2000. His philosophy about working with students follows that of his own adviser, Nico Habermann:  “Focus on the students, since graduating great students means you’ll produce great research, while focusing on the research may or may not produce great students.”

  • Notkinfest photographs by Bill Griswold (to download just a few, show the photo you want in the big view, mouse over it, look for the “flyout” menu to appear, and click the yellow folder with the down-arrow over it; to download all 356MB, click here)

April 22 2013:  David Notkin succumbed to cancer at 3:30 a.m.