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David Notkin featured in NCWIT’s “Sit With Me” campaign

notkin.sits“Sometimes you have to sit to take a stand.”  That’s the slogan of the “Sit With Me” campaign of the National Center for Women & Information Technology:

  • “We sit to inspire women in computing and IT.
  • “We sit to recognize the value of women’s technical contributions.
  • “We sit to embrace women’s important perspectives and increase their participation.
  • “Imagine designing technology that is as broad and creative as the people it serves.
  • “We won’t stand for anything less.”

CSE’s David Notkin is one of 8 national leaders featured on the home page.  Write’s NCWIT’s Jill Ross:

“Thank you for your amazing contributions to the field of computer science and being such a passionate advocate for technical women. We can’t think of anyone better to be sitting in (or hugging) our red chair!”

(Learn about Notkinfest, a recent celebration honoring David, here.)

April 22 2013:  David Notkin succumbed to cancer at 3:30 a.m.