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“Broadening Participation in Computing: The Why and the How”

150px dawg logoThe March issue of Computer magazine, published by the IEEE Computer Society, includes a set of articles on gender diversity in computing, including one describing UW CSE’s outreach programs.  The UW CSE article – written by Crystal Eney, Ed Lazowska, Hélène Martin, and Stuart Reges – concludes:

Neither UW nor the field as a whole is where it needs to be, but many of us are working hard to get there.  Hopefully, the experiences we’ve described here offer some ideas that you can use in your own institution.  There’s no silver bullet. Sometimes, it’s one woman at a time—a student who has made a connection with an advisor, an instructor, or an undergraduate TA, or who gets hooked because of an honors section, the women’s seminar, a cool assignment, or a great exploration session.  Progress comes from a multiplicity of efforts, and every little bit helps.  Ultimately, remember why we are engaged in this effort:  for fairness, yes; for workforce, yes. But, most importantly, because the diversity of the contributing individuals enhances the quality of the solutions we achieve.

Read the complete article here.  Learn more about DawgBytes, UW CSE’s K-12 outreach program, here.