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Three short research videos: Refraction, Foldit, and OpenDataKit

rfoTake a minute to check out these three new research project videos from UW CSE.  Topics covered are:

  • Refraction – discovering optimal pathways for learning early mathematics: Refraction is a research project of UW CSE’s Center for Game Science — focused on games for learning and for science.  It won the Grand Prize in the Disney Learning Challenge at SIGGRAPH 2010.
  • Foldit – a problem-solving scientific discovery game:  Foldit, a hugely successful protein folding video game created by UW CSE’s Center for Game Science, recently won the 2012 Katerva Behavioral Change Award.
  • OpenDataKit – making a difference with computer science:  UW CSE’s OpenDataKit (ODK) is a collection of free and open source tools, in use around the world, that make data collection easier and more flexible.

Watch the videos here.  Learn more about these and other UW CSE research activities here.