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UW CSE’s Zoran Popović on NPR

screen shot of FolditNPR’s Joe Palca today highlighted how computer gamers are helping to push the frontier of brain research. One of those interviewed was UW CSE’s Zoran Popović.   Popović talked about Foldit, a game designed to tackle the problem of protein folding.

“People can get pretty addicted to computer games. By some estimates, residents of planet Earth spend 3 billion hours per week playing them. Now some scientists are hoping to make use of all that human capital and harness it for a good cause.

“Foldit has been a big success. Popovic says there are a half-million people registered to play the game, and that has made other scientists and inventors take seriously the idea of using games to solve scientific questions.”

Read full article here. Learn more about Foldit here.  Learn about the Center for Game Science here.