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UW wins Hawaiian “Big Splash” Cyber Defense Competition

splashBatman’s Kitchen, an interdisciplinary team involving students from CSE, the iSchool, EE, and pre-engineering, won the Hawaiian “Big Splash” Cyber Defense Competition held 8-10 March 2013.  The competition is designed to bring practitioners in industry and government together with students in a competition environment.  Teams were given a scenario of critical infrastructure in a business setting to defend against attacks by hackers (the red team) while also completing injects (e.g., setup a database, block certain websites, database audits, etc.) throughout the three-day competition.

On Day 2 of the competition, the head of the red team initiated a full-on attack against the UW team – beyond the scope of the regular competition.  The team successfully protected their network for several hours while under attack.  By 5pm on the final day of the competition, it was announced that the UW team had won by hundreds of points over the military teams entered in the competition.

The trophy for the competition will be awarded in Seattle next week.

UW participants:

  • Melody Kadenko (team advisor and competition judge), CSE
  • Bryan Eastes, CSE
  • Atanas Kirilov, CSE
  • Karl Koscher, CSE
  • David Mah, CSE
  • Michael McKeirnan, pre-engineering
  • Aasav Prakash, CSE
  • Jordan Puryear, iSchool
  • Ed Samson, CSE
  • Omar Sandoval, CSE
  • Ian Smith, CSE
  • Andrew Sorensen, UW Tacoma
  • Carlo Valentin, iSchool
  • Tim Vega, CSE
  • Rafael Vertido, CSE
  • Cullen Walsh, CSE alum
  • Thomas Winegarden, iSchool
  • Tariq Yusuf, CSE
  • Lars Zornes, CSE

Go team!