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Washington Roundtable: “Increase computer science, engineering and health care capacity in Washington”

Pages from BCG_WRT_Great_Jobs_Within_Our_State_March_2013_reportA new report from the Washington Roundtable focuses on the need to increase educational capacity in computer science, other engineering fields, and health care (in that order!) in order to respond to student demand and employer demand in Washington State.

Duh … but it’s good to have another sane report that identifies the true “high impact” fields.

The new report is entirely consistent with a report 18 months ago from the state’s Higher Education Coordinating Board which placed computer science number one by a mile in the gap between degrees and jobs, with health professions second, and engineering third.  Other fields barely move the needle.

The new Washington Roundtable report is here.  Even more stark, see charts from the HECB report here.