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UW at the IEEE RFID conference

  • “Hybrid Analog-Digital Backscatter: A New Approach for Battery-Free Sensing,” by Vamsi Talla and Joshua R. Smith
  • “Sensor Enabled Wearable RFID Technology for Mitigating the Risk of Falls Near Beds,” by Roberto Luis Shinmoto Torres, Qinfen Shi, Alanson Sample, and Damith C. Ranasinghe
  • “Minimum Energy Source Coding for Asymmetric Modulation with Application to RFID,” by Farzad Hessar, and Sumit Roy
Vamsi Talla is an EE graduate student, advised by CSE & EE faculty member Josh Smith.  Alanson Sample did his Ph.D. with Smith in EE, and his Postdoc with Smith in CSE.  Farzad Hessar is an EE graduate student advised by EE faculty member Sumit Roy.
The conference keynote speaker is UW EE faculty member Brian Otis.