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OneBusAway transitions to Metro

OneBusAwayOneBusAway began as a student project at the University of Washington.  It became so widely used by transit commuters that after the students graduated, three area agencies (King County Metro, Sound Transit, and Pierce Transit) contracted with the University of Washington to continue running the service. There are now over 100,000 users per week in Puget Sound.  At the same time, instances of OneBusAway have been brought up in other regions, including Atlanta, Detroit, and Tampa; the OneBusAway Enterprise system (derived from the core OneBusAway) is the basis for the BusTime system in the greater New York region.

In mid-May, Sound Transit will be taking over running it.  (Sound Transit already has an experimental version of OneBusAway running in parallel with the production system.)  We hope that the transition will be relatively seamless.

Read more here.  Try OneBusAway here.