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Xconomy: “New UW, PNNL Institute Attracts Supercomputing Expert Thom Dunning”

Thom Dunning“The Northwest Institute for Advanced Computing (NIAC) has landed supercomputing luminary Thom Dunning Jr., who will help lead the effort to tie together two of the region’s top centers of computing research …

NIAC, situated in Sieg Hall on the UW campus in Seattle, is designed as a center for collaboration among researchers from both institutions—previously separated by a three-plus-hour drive—focusing on new technologies to advance computing, data-enabled discovery, and computational science …

“‘Most fields of discovery are transitioning from data-poor to data-rich,’ says [UW CSE professor] Lazowska, who leads the eScience Institute, which is the center of this work at UW. ‘The world is full of tiny but powerful sensors—in telescopes, in gene sequencers, in roads and bridges and buildings, in our environment, in the form of Twitter feeds and Web requests. The challenge today is converting all of this data into knowledge, and converting this knowledge into action.'”

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April 30, 2013