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UW CSE startup GraphLab announces $6.75 million in funding from Madrona, NEA

copy-copy-graphlab4GraphLab Inc. today announced a $6.75 million Series A funding led by Madrona Venture Group and NEA.  GraphLab is innovating on the popular GraphLab open source distributed graph computation framework that is used millions of times per day to deliver recommendations through popular consumer services.

Complex data sets such as those describing social media networks are commonly described as graph datasets.  These graphs describe relationships between people, the products they buy, the pages they like, etc.  Graph datasets require novel computational methods, machine learning algorithms, and specialized systems in order to effectively and efficiently analyze outcomes.  GraphLab provides this.

Founded by leading data scientist, entrepreneur, and UW CSE Amazon Professor of Machine Learning Carlos Guestrin, who began the GraphLab open-source project five years ago, GraphLab Inc. is building a commercial product for applying advanced machine learning to massive graph datasets.  The company is based in Seattle and will continue to actively support the open source GraphLab project.