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Congratulations to Tableau!

Tableau-ipoSeattle has a new billion dollar tech IPO:  Tableau Software.

The photo shows co-founders Chris Stolte (Chief Development Officer), Christian Chabot (CEO and Chairman), and Pat Hanrahan (Chief Scientist), along with board member Scott Sandel (NEA), at the NYSE bell-ringing this morning.

There’s a lovely interview with Christian in GeekWire:

“We’ve been working our whole lives to become an overnight success … This has been a journey, and it started when I moved the company from Silicon Valley to Seattle in 2003 during our first year.  We were just the three founders at that time when we moved to Seattle. We’ve been hiring great team members, mostly from Seattle, over the years …

“The thing I now know, 10 years later, and I’d probably tell my younger self in a dream, is that the most rewarding thing you can do in life is work with a team of people you respect, towards a goal you all believe in …

“Moving the company from Silicon Valley to Seattle turned out to be one of the best decisions we ever made.  We are really grateful to be in the Seattle technology ecosystem, and we hope to be there for many years to come.”

Read the interview in GeekWire here.