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“Words of Wisdom to the Graduating Engineers of 2013” from WibiData

??????????WibiData – founded by UW CSE alum Christophe Bisciglia and UW CSE student-on-leave Aaron Kimball, with UW CSE alum Garrett Wu also on the leadership team – today published a list of “Top 10 Tips for New Engineering Grads”:

“Just because school is over, doesn’t mean the learning is. As you move into the next stage of your career, remember:  asking questions, trying new things and expanding your skill set should be a continuous cycle that is never fully complete. But most of all, seek opportunities that align with your passion.  Don’t settle for a paycheck, strive for a great opportunity.”

Read the list here.  See Christophe when he worked for Google and couldn’t afford to visit the barber here.