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Forbes: “A Very Short History of Big Data”

ForbesAn article in Forbes recognizes the impact of a Computing Community Consortium white paper authored by UW CSE’s Ed Lazowska, along with Randy Bryant (CMU) and Randy Katz (Berkeley):

“December 2008 Randal E. Bryant, Randy H. Katz, and Edward D. Lazowska publish ‘Big-Data Computing: Creating Revolutionary Breakthroughs in Commerce, Science and Society (PDF).’  They write: ‘Just as search engines have transformed how we access information, other forms of big-data computing can and will transform the activities of companies, scientific researchers, medical practitioners, and our nation’s defense and intelligence operations…. Big-data computing is perhaps the biggest innovation in computing in the last decade. We have only begun to see its potential to collect, organize, and process data in all walks of life. A modest investment by the federal government could greatly accelerate its development and deployment.'”

Read the Forbes article here.