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Zillow co-founder Rich Barton: ‘Kill the squirrel’

barton-ta3GeekWire reports on the Technology  Alliance “State of Technology” luncheon:

“If you’re a squirrel, make sure you stay well clear of Rich Barton.  The founder of Expedia and Zillow on Wednesday offered some key advice from his dad:  a driving lesson from the road that he’s used in business to this day.

“My dad used to say:  ‘kill the squirrel,” noted Barton.  In other words, don’t swerve out of the way or change course just because a pesky little creature gets in your way …

“That was just one nugget of wisdom from Barton as he spoke during a Q&A discussion with University of Washington computer science professor Ed Lazowska at the annual Tech Alliance luncheon in downtown Seattle.  In the wide-ranging talk, Barton touched on everything from the disruption in online education to the lack of women in computer science to why he supports a statewide income tax — a political statement that drew very light applause.”  [Note:  Washington has the most regressive tax system in the nation.  God bless Rich, and others such as Nick Hanauer and Bill Gates Sr., for speaking up in favor of a more equitable and compassionate path.  And – while admitting that government, unlike businesses and individuals, may not always make optimal spending decisions – god help those who think that their success is due solely to their personal effort, and thus they should get to keep it all.]

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