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UW CSE alumni startup Captricity closes $4.5 million round of funding

Captricity logoCaptricity – a service that quickly and easily turns paper information into structured, digital data – has closed a $4.5 million round of funding.

Captricity was co-founded by UW CSE bachelors alum Kuang Chen at the conclusion of his UC Berkeley Ph.D. studies.  At UW, Kuang was a double major in CSE and Comparative History of Ideas.  His undergraduate research led to the creation of the Seattle startup Teranode, where he worked for four years following graduation.  At Berkeley, his research leading to Captricity was advised jointly by Joe Hellerstein and UW CSE Ph.D. alum Tapan Parikh.  This research – on how data-centric approaches could help organizations better serve their disadvantaged clients – revealed that one of the biggest barriers to efficient operations was getting data from paper into digital form, the problem that Captricity solves.

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