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KCPQ-TV interviews UW CSE’s Ed Lazowska on Washington’s shameful STEM education performance

13“‘We are the ass end of the donkey in providing educational opportunity for our kids, despite this booming economy,’ said Ed Lazowska, who holds the Bill & Melinda Gates Chair in Computer Science & Engineering at UW.  ‘It’s absolutely crazy.’

“Lazowska is on a crusade to let the public know that many of these great, yet-to-be-filled tech jobs are going to be taken by college graduates from other states – not from Washington.  And that’s because the state isn’t educating its homegrown kids for these homegrown jobs.

“‘The vast majority of states in this country are doing better than we are at educating their kids, and then they are sending them here,’ he said.

“Indeed, per capita, Washington state is number one in the nation when it comes to ‘importing’ talent.”

Read more and watch the report here.