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Bumper crop of UW CSE seniors heading to graduate school

cap-and-gownIt’s been a great year for UW CSE seniors gaining admission to the nation’s top graduate programs:

  • David Colmenares, Jesse Dodge, Ekaterina Nepomnyashchaya, and Sor Sukkerd are headed to CMU (David in Mechanical Engineering).
  • Sam Hopkins, Jonathan Shi, and Laure Thompson are headed to Cornell.
  • Jerry Li is headed to MIT.
  • Kevin Clark is headed to Stanford (after a gap year).
  • Chris Dentel and Bennett Ng are headed to Berkeley (Bennett in Bioengineering).
  • Changhou Han is headed to UCSD.
  • Christopher Clark is headed to the University of Edinburgh.
  • Melanie Jensenworth is headed to the University of Waterloo.
  • Gregory Herman is headed to Colorado State (in Atmospheric Sciences).
  • Shanshan Sun is headed to Washington State.
  • Alexandre Bykov, Priya Rao Chagaleti, Forrest Coward, Mark Davis, Daryl Hansen, Pingyang He, Mike Hotan, Stephen Jonany, Bryce Kellog, Hye In Kim, Daseul Lee, Ajay Menon, Tyler Rigsby, Jacob Sanders, and Brian Walker will be entering UW CSE’s 5th-year Masters program.

We love being a top supplier of new graduates to, Google, Microsoft, and many smaller Seattle-area companies and startups.  But we also love seeing our students heading off to continue their education and pursue careers in research.

Go team!