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UW Daily on WiSee

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 9.13.50 PM.fullBetter late than never, the UW Daily becomes the 99th publication to run an article on UW CSE’s WiSee technology:

“A quick wave of a hand can shut off the lights and a flick of a finger can turn on the heater. Thanks to a team of UW Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) students and faculty, this type of gesture-recognition technology is now possible.

“This newly developed home gesture system, known as WiSee, can perform simple household tasks, such as turning the lights off in a room or changing a music player’s volume, by using Wi-Fi technology to detect the user’s specific body gestures …

“To do this, the group studied the science of Doppler shifts — relative changes in the frequency of waves caused by the location of the observer.”

Read more here.  Learn more about WiSee here.