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Seattle Times: State’s students flocking to computer science programs


Michaela Monstream, Holy Names Academy


Payton Quinn, Seattle Prep

The Seattle Times profiles three entering UW CSE freshmen:

“The number of incoming freshmen who listed computer science as their desired major has more than doubled in just three years at the University of Washington, which has one of the nation’s top computer science schools …

“At the UW, where hundreds of students are turned away from the computer science program every year for a lack of space, the money ‘still won’t meet the demand,’ Lazowska said by email. ‘But every journey begins with a few steps, and these are important steps’ …

“Lazowska said he thinks students are realizing that ‘Computer science has ‘change the world’ potential like no other field’ …


Nirupama Suneel, Skyline High School

Chart“Students are also seeing that both computer science and ‘computational thinking,’ a problem-solving method that uses computer science techniques, is valuable in many fields, Lazowska said. Many of UW’s computer-science grads go on to study such fields as biology, law, medicine and bioengineering, he said.

“And of course, the degree can lead to a good job.”

Read the article here.

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