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Computer Science for High School Teachers: UW CSE CS4HS 2013


CS4HS participants learn about deadlock from Tom Cortina


Tom Cortina walks CS4HS participants through a sorting network

Seven years ago, three universities – the University of Washington (Ed Lazowska), Carnegie Mellon University (Jeannette Wing), and UCLA (Deborah Estrin) – approached Google about sponsoring a 3-day summer workshop on computer science for middle school and high school teachers of math and science.

Today the program – CS4HS – is sponsored by Google at 62 universities in the US and Canada, 20 in China, 15 in Australia and New Zealand, and 28 in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa – 125 universities in all!  (And although Jeannette and Deborah have pulled the ripcord, Ed still proudly teaches at the University of Washington!)

This week marks UW CSE’s 7th annual CS4HS.  More than 50 teachers from the Puget Sound region, elsewhere in Washington, and several other states have joined us for 3 days of exploring the magic of computer science. This also marks the 7th year in which Tom Cortina, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education in CMU’s School of Computer Science, has traveled to Seattle to assist with our program.

Learn more about UW CSE’s CS4HS offering here.  Learn about the worldwide Google program here.  Learn about UW CSE’s many K-12 outreach programs here.