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UW CSE “DawgBytes” summer day camp for high school girls, Session 2

hsgirls1 hsgirls2 hsgirls3 hsgirls4July 8-12 marked the second session of this summer’s UW CSE summer day camps for high school girls.  A fantastic group of 21 students joined us for a week of computing fun!  Many thanks to Google for donating Android phones for project work.

This was the second of eight UW CSE summer day camps.  In addition to two week-long day camps for high school girls, we are hosting two week-long day camps for middle school girls.  In addition, there are three co-ed day camps focused on building apps for Android phones – 3-day and 5-day camps for middle school students, and a 3-day camp for high school students.  Finally, there will be a 4-day co-ed day camp for high school students focused on physical computing.  Plus, there is CS4HS, a 3-day workshop for middle school and high school math and science teachers.

Learn more about our summer day camp program here.

Learn more about DawgBytes, UW CSE’s outreach program, here.  And follow the action as it happens on the DawgBytes Facebook page here.

Three cheers for UW CSE faculty member Hélène Martin, who leads our K-12 outreach efforts!