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2013 Ubicomp “10 Year Impact Award”

general_view_day-zurichThe 2003 research paper “Inferring High-Level Behavior from Low-Level Sensors” by UW CSE’s Don Patterson, Lin Liao, Dieter Fox, and Henry Kautz has been recognized with the “10 Year Impact Award” from Ubicomp 2013, the 2013 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing.

The award committee concluded that “The paper … is  an excellent example of how one can learn very useful context information from simple GPS traces and it formed the basis for today’s thriving smart cities/smart transportation work. It is a nice example of how higher order information can be gleaned from everyday sensing – which is an important thread of work at Ubicomp and one of the enduring methods.”

The award will be presented at the Ubicomp 2013 conference in Zurich, Switzerland during the opening session on September 10th.