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Maya Cakmak, Shayan Oveis Gharan, Matt Reynolds, and Zach Tatlock join the UW CSE faculty

Pages from CSE_new_hires_2013A new brochure highlights UW CSE’s 2013 faculty hires:

  • Maya Cakmak, a robotics Ph.D. from Georgia Tech via Willow Garage.
  • Shayan Oveis Gharan, an optimization algorithms Ph.D. from Stanford who will spend a year as a Miller Fellow at Berkeley before joining us.
  • Matt Reynolds, a Duke ECE faculty member in ultra-low power sensing and computation with an MIT Ph.D., who will have appointments in UW CSE and EE.
  • Zach Tatlock, a software reliability and security Ph.D. from UCSD.

In addition, Jeff Heer, the last of 2012’s amazing “big data” hires – currently a faculty member at Stanford – will also arrive this fall.

Exciting times!  Check out the brochure here.