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Vote for SNUPI ***daily*** in TechFlash Cup competition

tfcSNUPI Technologies is a new startup out of Shwetak Patel’s lab – Shwetak, Gabe Cohn, Jeremy Jaech, Matt Reynolds, etc.

The TechFlash Cup is a startup competition.  Sixteen companies were selected as competitors.  Every Monday at 9 a.m., the two companies with the fewest votes will be eliminated, until they get down to the final four, at which point there will be a “pitch competition.”

It’s up to YOU to get SNUPI into the “pitch competition.”  You can vote DAILY, beginning today, here:

(You need to “sign in” to vote.  I’m not sure exactly what’s required – I already had an account with PSBJ.)

It will just take a few seconds, once you’re registered.  Vote for the SNUPI of your choice, but vote!

UPDATE: On the SNUPI Technologies website, you can sign up for daily voting reminders!