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NY Times quotes CSE’s Ed Lazowska’s ignorant speculation on Bill Gates and Microsoft

Microsoft1-articleLargeJust to be clear, here’s the actual exchange:

Nick Wingfield to Ed Lazowska:

I’m doing a story for early next week about Gates and his role at Microsoft. I thought you might have a thoughtful perspective on whether Gates will continue to be a figure of influence at Microsoft in the near future and why.

Ed Lazowska to Nick Wingfield:

I don’t have any special insight regarding BillG.  My guess (and it’s only that):

Microsoft and Bill Gates are synonymous.  Bill spent 33 years in a day-to-day role at the company – from 1975 to 2008.  It’s impossible to walk away from something that you have shaped and led to that extent, and with which you are so personally identified.  I think there’s zero chance that he disengages – if anything, I bet he engages more.

At the same time, I feel terribly badly for Steve Ballmer.  Yes, it was time for a change.  But he is getting blamed for many problems that are due to others – and those others are getting a free pass.  Additionally, he is not getting credit for his many accomplishments.

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