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UW introductory computer science enrollments continue to soar!

intro.annualAt UW and other colleges and universities, interest in computer science continues to soar. There is lots of data, and there are lots of reasons – which we’ll discuss in a subsequent post. But for now, take a look at annual enrollment in UW CSE’s two introductory courses – “CS1” (numbered CSE 142 at UW), and “CS2” (numbered CSE 143 at UW).  (By “annual enrollment” we mean the total enrollment in the most recent four quarters – for example, “au13” is the sum of the enrollments in winter quarter 2013, spring quarter 2013, summer quarter 2013, and autumn quarter 2013.)

Also worth noting: the proportion of women in these courses, while still less than we would like it to be, is trending in the right direction.

Students have figured it out:  Computer science – it’s where the future is!