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Levytown fundraising effort revitalized as a result of Brier Dudley’s Seattle Times column!

Our crowd-sourced exponential fundraising effort for Levytown had stalled after Eric Rudder put up $400, doubling Gaetano Borriello’s $200, doubling Shyam Gollakota’s $80, doubling Marc Fiuczynski’s $40, doubling Dieter Fox’s $20, etc.

However, as a result of Brier Dudley’s column in today’s Seattle Times, Johnson Apacible has put up $800, leaving us only 16 gifts from having our new building fully funded.

Track the progress here. (Being conservative, we are not counting Marc Fiuczynski’s second gift, of $1,000,000.)

Seem unlikely? It worked for the Allen Center – here.

Track Levytown fundraising progress here!

Levytown update, October 29: Alums Yaw Anokwa and Hélène Martin have bested Johnson, contributing $1,600 to Levytown. Only 15 gifts to go! Who’ll be next??

Further update, October 30: Alum Sunil Garg is in for $3,200.  Only 14 more gifts needed to make Levytown a reality! Better move quickly!

Yet more, October 30: Alum Ratul Mahajan and his wife Marta Penas Centeno have doubled down on Sunil.  Only 13 more gifts needed to make Levytown a reality! Get in on the lower floors – the penthouse is expensive!

Wait! There’s more! On November 6, alums Jeff & Carolyn (Holmes) Hughes doubled down on Ratul & Marta! Only 12 more gifts to go!!!!!

November 7: The CSE faculty has claimed the next level!  11 more gifts to fully fund Levytown!

THANKS to all the participants!