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“Coding for Success”

large_news874342_711739Seattle’s Lakeside School profiles UW CSE Ph.D. alumna Lauren Bricker, who has transformed the school’s computer science programs since arriving in 2007.

“In junior high, Lauren Bricker insisted on being allowed to take shop instead of home ec – and ran away with the top prize. In high school, introduced to programming in math class, she spent every lunch hour seeing what she could make old Apple IIGs and TRS-80s do. In college, she sped through a theoretical math major in three years. In industry, she advanced as a self-taught software engineer before returning for a Ph.D. in computer science …

“As a teacher at Lakeside, she enlists that same fierce determination on behalf of her students.”

The article is an element of a Lakeside fundraising appeal, and we need the money more than they do, but still, it’s great!  Read it here.  Learn about UW CSE’s vibrant K-12 outreach initiative, DawgBytes, here and here.