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Levytown: Only 12 11 gifts away from fully funded!

LevytownThe exponential crowdsourced funding effort for Levytown, revitalized by Brier Dudley’s recent article in the Seattle Times, continues to flourish!

Alums Jeff and Carolyn (Holmes) Hughes have put us only 12 gifts away from fully funding Levytown!

Jeff wrote: “My wife and I recently saw the update to the ‘Levytown’ fundraising and it got us thinking.  As both of us are UW CSE alums … we’re interested in giving back to the department.  Without a doubt, the department set us up for success in our careers just over 7 years ago … we really want to be part of this story.  Sign us up!”


Update, November 7!  Stimulated by Jeff and Carolyn’s generosity (and the realization that things were rapidly getting out of reach), and led by Carlos Guestrin, the CSE faculty has claimed the next level!

Only 11 more gifts to fully fund Levytown!