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ACM regional programming contest 2013 results

DSCF3609Five teams from UW CSE participated in the Pacific Northwest Regionals of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, held last Saturday November 2nd. UW competes in a region that stretches from California up to Canada and over to Hawaii. The contest is held at several different sites simultaneously. Allison Obourn traveled with our five teams to the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma to compete.

We placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th among the 15 teams competing at the UPS site. In the overall region – which included 117 teams – we placed three teams in the top ten (more than any other school), but were beaten by the usual powerhouses like Stanford, Berkeley, and UBC. Our five teams were:

  • Lightning (1st at site, 7th at region): Sun Zehao, Hu Jingcheng, Cui Wenbo
  • UW Sonic (1st at site, 8th at region): Stephen Jonany, Siwakorn Srisakaokul, Tom Guo
  • Amgems (3rd at site, 10th at region): Zachary Iqbal, Jeremy Teo, Sherman Pay’
  • aHBvb3CwBLMBieGyBM2A (4th at site, 22nd at region): David Mah, John Mackinnon, Omar Sandoval
  • Bit Vector Zero (5th at site, 25th at region): Evan Whitfield, Nicholas Shahan, David Swanson

To earn a spot in the top 10 is a great accomplishment, especially since many of the other schools train for the contest year-round (and we don’t). It is also noteworthy that UW’s top-placing team is composed of three freshmen who are taking the accelerated CSE143X class.

The complete set of results from the Regionals are available here.

UW’s five competing teams were picked at an in-school competition that was held on Saturday October 5. A total of 34 teams competed locally. Many thanks go to our official sponsor Google. Google bought pizza for over 100 people for the in-school contest and provided prizes for the top three teams and swag for everyone, including Nexus 7 tablets for the members of the number one team. Our thanks go to Marion Daly, our campus Google representative. Thanks also go to Allison Obourn who helped run the contest along with our student helper Cody Gibb. Below are the names of the teams that solved three or more problems in the in-school competition:

Place Team name Members Problems solved Total time
1 UW Sonic Stephen Jonany, Siwakorn Srisakaokul, Tom Guo 10 1216
2 aHBvb3CwBLMBieGyBM2A David Mah, John Mackinnon, Omar Sandoval 8 1285
3 Lightning Sun Zehao, Hu Jingcheng, Cui Wenbo 8 1298
4 Bit Vector Zero Evan Whitfield, Nicholas Shahan, David Swanson 6 924
5 Amgems Zachary Iqbal, Jeremy Teo, Sherman Pay 6 1058
6 Wombat Combat Ben Eggers, Noah Lindner 6 1192
7 U1dVRwo= Sunjay Cauligi, Vimala Jampala, Lars Zornes 6 1307
8 elgoog Yuxuan Zhang, Shuo Wang, Zhiting Zhu 5 969
9 PINE Is Nearly Elm Ryan Drapeau, Simone Schaffer, Tanner Coval 5 996
10 SigmaPhiNull Benjamin Blumberg, David Foulds 5 1012
11 Muffin Racoons Brandon Edgren, Erik Chou, Eli Elefson 5 1024
12 Brett Boston, Max Sherman, Jack Fancher 5 1068
13 Undefined Mallika Mathur, Danny Vance, Grant Timmerman 4 656
14 HMB and David Brian Griffith, Karthik Palaniappan, David Tran 4 817
15 Midgard Michael Wiktorek, Colby Schimelfenig, Simon Baumgardt-Wellander 3 298
16 Soy Sauce Kuangjie Sima, Shiying Xu, Zhongyue Zhang 3 366
17 Memory Leek Nadav Ashkenazi, Roee Avnon, Hunter Zahn 3 383
18 The Freshmen Stan Hu, Jiaying Jiang 3 389
19 Outlaw Mafia Clique Daniel Gorrie, Aaron Nech, Andy Butler 3 423
20 justforfun Christopher Tjong, Errol Limenta, Danny Christanto 3 513
21 420codeit Sujit Packiaraj, Noah Siegel, John Stephenson 3 538
22 Elephant Ears Jasmine Singh, Dalton Black, Mason Remy 3 606
23 The Blue Screens Vinod Rathnam, Amit Burstein, William McNamara 3 661

Congratulations to all the participants!