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Business Insider: “Oren Etzioni: Six startups in a row, all acquired”

oren-etzioni-six-startups-in-a-row-all-acquiredBusiness Insider cites UW CSE’s Oren Etzioni among “14 Of The Most Successful People In Tech You’ve Probably Never Heard Of”:

“In September, announced that it was being acquired by eBay. The site predicted when prices on electronics would drop.

“It was the sixth-in-a-row successful exit for co founder and CTO Oren Etzioni. His first was four years before Google was born, one of the web’s first search engines, MetaCrawler, bought by Infospace in 1999.

“He’s probably best known for FareCast. It sold to Microsoft in 2008 for $110 million and is now a part of Bing.”

Read it here.