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Huffington Post on UW/Berkeley/NYU/Moore/Sloan data science initiative

ddd_imagetemplate_796x400_courtesy-of-well-formed.eigenfactor.orgVicki Chandler, Chief Program Officer for Science at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, write:

“Our hypothesis is that the greatest advances in tools and practices will result from meaningful interactions and sustained collaborations among data-intensive science researchers who build on one another’s work, leverage the best practices and tools in existence, and demonstrate solutions that can be used more broadly by others. It is also critical to establish long-term, sustainable career paths in academia for those scientists who take a multi-disciplinary approach to analyzing massive, noisy, and complex scientific data. Openly sharing practices, tools, lessons and discoveries will help to ensure that the network of experiments has impact greater than the sum of its parts.”

Read more here and here.  Learn more about UW’s efforts here.