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New York Times on UW/Berkeley/NYU/Moore/Sloan data science initiative

12bits-data-tmagArticleThe headline of the article nails it: “Program Seeks to Nurture ‘Data Science Culture’ at Universities.” Continuing …

“The modern flood of data comes in a many forms — sensor data, genomic data, web click streams and credit card transactions, to name a few. The disparate data sources are often called ‘silos,’ suggesting the challenge of mingling different data sets to generate insights.

“But if the data is in a silo, so are the people, often isolated in their fields of expertise. In universities, that problem is a key obstacle to progress in data science, according to academic research scientists.

“And that problem, among others, is the focus of a new five-year project, involving three universities and supported by $37.8 million in funding from the Moore Foundation and the Sloan Foundation.”

Read more here.  Learn about UW’s efforts here.