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CSE’s Rajesh Rao to lead UW’s NSF Engineering Research Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering

rajeshrao_1113UW CSE professor Rajesh Rao has been named Director of the National Science Foundation’s Engineering Research Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering (CSNE), based at the University of Washington with MIT and San Diego State as partners.

CSNE is one of 17 engineering research centers nationwide that aim to translate discovery to innovation through university, industry and government partnerships, and prepare the next generation of creative, interdisciplinary engineers to meet pressing challenges in health, energy, environment and national security.  CSNE was launched in 2011 with a five-year, $18.5 million grant. Raj has been heavily involved in CSNE since its earliest conceptual stages.  Tom Daniel, professor of Biology and CSE, has served as interim director since the founding director, Yoky Matsuoka, left UW.

Read the UW News press release here.  Learn more about CSNE here.  Learn about Rao and his research on brain-computer interfaces here.