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UW CSE’s Yoshi Kohno on “ethical hacking”

ethichackKUOW (Seattle NPR) interviews UW CSE professor Yoshi Kohno:

“Yoshi Kohno is a cyber security professor at the University of Washington. He has a class that is designed for students to understand computer security threats against modern technologies. ‘We teach students both how to violate the security of a computer system and how to protect the security of a computer system,’ he said.

“With a group of smart students actively engaged in building and breaking security systems, the natural concern is how to keep the skills from breaching moral standards.

“‘Ethics is incredibly important for me,’ Kohno said. ‘At the beginning of my course I have all my students sign an ethical form that says they won’t use the knowledge learned through this course without legal authorization.'”

Read more, or listen to the interview, here.