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Boston Globe: “Computer science course fills seats, needs at Harvard”

UntitledBoston Globe on Harvard’s CS50:

“Trevor Brandt-Sarif had no interest in computer science when he arrived at Harvard. Philosophy was his thing. Coding? That was for students at MIT.

“Then he heard about David Malan. Part performer, part professor, Malan has done what many would have thought implausible just a few years ago at Harvard. He has taken a computer science course and turned it into the university’s number-two most popular class, about 60 students away from knocking out Introduction to Economics from its top spot …”

Read more here.  Pdf version here.

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David Malan, Harvard’s extraordinary CS50 instructor, will deliver the UW CSE colloquium on Tuesday January 14 at 3:30 p.m. in EEB 105.